We help you manage your digital content

Poplar Media is a consultancy that collaborates with organizations to audit content, extend brands, define user journeys, refine metadata, secure data, and optimize workflows. We then provide training to integrate these changes into organizational culture.

Current Projects

  • Working with Grand Rapids Whitewater to develop an archiving strategy for their 10 years of documents, maps, photos, interviews, recordings, and other ephemera that will exist at project’s end in the mid-2020’s.  By ensuring these materials are secure, organized, and accessible, we will enable historians, scientists, and citizens to tell their the stories of restoring the Grand River Rapids.
  • Authored and presented a workshop as part of CreativeMany’s ArtPrize Artist Week 2018 entitled ‘Challenging Tech‘. This 90-minute session enabled Artists with the knowledge of how to better manage their digital media as part of your professional practice as an artist.
  • Migrating a 20,000-object collection for a West Michigan Historical Museum to Collective Access. The project involves normalizing metadata schema between two applications, addressing inconsistencies in the record and file nomenclatures, optimizing media for display, and training museum director and staff.